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Commonly asked Questions and Answers....

How much does Retriever Training Cost?  We charge a flat rate of $850/month.  There are no hidden fees for food, boarding, birds, etc.

How much is Upland Bird Dog Training?  It takes a lot of live birds to make Upland Bird Dogs.  $1,500/month.

How do I enroll my dog in your training program?  Please Email Ryan Fortier at to inquire and we will send you our training registration form, discuss the best program for you and your dog and schedule a day and time to drop your dog off at the kennel.  Then you just need to fill out the form and send it to us with a deposit to reserve your dog's spot in the kennel.  We do offer free consultation and evaluation in person if necessary.

What is Force Fetch?   “force-fetch,” also called “force breaking” or “the conditioned retrieve.”  Is a foundational part of Retriever Training that teaches a dog to fetch and hold on command in order to deliver every retrieve consistently, obediently and fit for the dinner table. 

Can my dog be Force Fetched?   Yes... However... Due to the amount of indirect pressure as well as direct pressure involved in this level of training.  In our program, dogs are only eligible to go through Force Fetch if they display early in our Basic Training, a very high desire to retrieve bumpers.

How old does my dog have to be to start Retriever Training?  We like your dog to be about 5-6 months of age which is approximately when their adult teeth have grown in.

Is my dog capable of being a hunting dog?  The only prerequisite to trainability is that your dog likes birds.  If within the 1-2 weeks in our program your dog does not show any prey drive or interest in birds you will be the first to know.  Otherwise no news is good news!

Can I visit my dog?  YES OF COURSE... By appointment only you are welcome to visit your dog as often as you like and we encourage you to take full advantage of our program in order for you to learn as much as your dog.  The more you learn the more you will get out of your dog when you get them home!

What do I need to bring when I drop my dog off?  All we need is your dog, a copy of your up to date shot records to include Bordatella and payment for the 1st month of training.  Please arrive with your dog in a crate safe and secure inside your vehicle.

What do I need to bring when I pick my dog up?   Please arrive on pick up day with a crate in your vehicle to transport your dog home safely and securely.

Do you only train Labrador Retrievers?  No... We train all Sporting breeds including Retrievers, Flushers and Pointing dogs.

HOW LONG DOES TRAINING TAKE?  This is a loaded question for sure.  The length of time your dog needs to be in our training program has so many variables starting with your dog's natural ability and what your goals are for you and your hunting companion.  Please refer to our Training Program to better understand the process and be sure to have a real good idea what your goals are before enrolling your dog in professional training. 

What kind of Dog Food do you feed?  Inukshuk Professional Dog Food

Should I have my dog spayed or neutered?  That is entirely up to you.  But it is not necessary and in fact it is our professional recommendation that you wait at least until after your dog is 2 years old.  This will ensure your dog retains the proper growth hormones it needs for proper growth and to stop growing when it is suppose to.  Which we believe helps to avoid joint problems and so on... 

Do you use E- Collars?  Yes and in fact with today's technology it is the most humane form of pressure that is necessary and we are happy to educate you on the proper use and which Garmin Elenctronic Collar to buy.

How much time will my dog spend training each day?  We train all the dogs in our program 5-6 days a week depending on our weekend schedule which is often busy with Open Training Days, One on One Sessions, Hunt Tests, Field Trials, etc...  Not to mention Trainers and Dogs do benefit from a day off once in a while.  Your dog's training sessions each day will vary drastically from 15-45 minutes depending on where they are at in training and what approach we determine is best for your dog's learning curve.  Your dog will be given 2 sessions a day that we refer to as yard training and field training plus daily walks and air time.  In general dogs learn in very small doses over a long period of time.  And although they can thrive off of high levels of pressure if they know the way out, the end result is better always leaning toward attrition.  So that is the approach that we take.

Where should I go Hunting?  Sorry if I told everybody who asks me that question then I would run out of places to hunt myself :)  You are on your OWN!!!

Do you guys train in the winter time?  Yes.  There is always training that can be done in the winter time and we spend all of January and February in Texas training Retrievers in warmer weather.