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It took a lot of years, a lot of trial and error, a lot of time spent in the field chasing upland game birds with Flushers and Pointers and freezing my ass off in duck blinds shooting ducks and geese with Retrievers for my passion for Pointing dogs to come full circle.  But this is how it all began.  My first experience with hunting as a kid were those awkward trips with my dad into the unknown of Eastern Washington Pheasant hunting.   -Ryan Fortier

After many years hunting pheasants and quail with Labrador Retrievers I fell into the beginning of my career training Gun Dogs professionally.  It was at that time I had the opportunity to purchase my 1st American Field English Setter.  I began Chukar hunting and competing in NSTRA field trials and I was hooked.  

Early in my career I trained and campaigned a number of pointing breeds and handled many American Field English Setters to NSTRA field trial points and derby wins. In addition to training and campaigning a few of the first APLA Grand Master Pointing Retrievers in the Pacific Northwest.  After years working to develop our Retriever Training Program I am still an avid Upland Bird Hunter and I love to watch young pointing dogs develop... 

I look forward to meeting you and your Bird Dog...  - Ryan Fortier

Upland Bird Dog Training...

Head Start Class  $1,500
Our Upland Bird Dog "Head Start" training program for all Flushing and Pointing breeds allows your dog ample opportunity to develop the natural instincts it was born with.  We provide a realistic environment with a lot of bird exposure.  It takes Birds to make Bird Dogs!!!  During this 1 month class we will also introduce your youngster to water retrieves, here training, whistle training, crate training, gun breaking and e-collar conditioning.

Advanced Training  $1,200/month
Your dog is eligible for our Advanced Upland Bird Dog class if it has already been through our Head Start Class or has already had at least one good season of actual bird hunting and is truly Gun Broke.  In this program that we refer to as the "breaking process" for pointing dogs we continue to take a very realistic approach and use a lot of birds to ensure that we retain the style and confidence in your dog.  Advanced Training takes 2-3 months and at the end of this time your dog will hold point, quarter and handle in the field, respond consistently to to voice and whistle commands, stop to Whoa, back other dogs and hopefully be consistently retrieving shot birds naturally.