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Master National Qualifiers

Long Hollow's Obsidian Blue MH

MAC qualified for the Master National in Maryland at the age of 2 in 2011.   Then proceeded to pass the Master National  the same month that he turned 3 year old.  Mac followed up in 2012 by acing 5 more master hunt tests to qualify again for the Master National in 2012.  Currently Mac is an active Sire for Long Hollow Retrievers when he is not retrieving ducks and geese for Long Hollow Outdoors he loves to chase the tennis ball.

Tiger Mountain's Roughrider Delta MH

DELTA passed 6 master hunt tests in a row, going perfect in achieving his Master Hunter title in 2010.  The following year he was perfect again and Qualified for the 2011 Master National in Maryland.  On top of being and amazing hunt test dog, stud dog and companion, Delta is the heart and soul of the Long Hollow Outdoors team during hunting season.  He is a truly GREAT bird dog that is up for any challenge!

Master Hunters

Tiger Mountain's Skagit River MH

Hershey's Hot Cocoa of Black Forest MH

Fireweed's Rugged Rufus MH


Senior Hunters

Long Hollow's Hop Along SH

Tiger Mountain's Duck Wrangler SH

My Ship Has Come In SH

Black Butte Porter SH

Traci's Dakota Minnesota SH

4x-GMPR HR Tiger Mtn's Midnight Reign SH

Neve's Ninth Symphony SH

Sunnyview's Bonnie Billie Blue SH

Long Hollow's Roughrider Rebel SH


Junior Hunters

Long Hollow's Bitterroot Valley JH

Long Hollow's Have No Mercy JH

Tiger Mtn Dude Where's My Forty JH

TTR's Long Hollow Adrenaline JH

Long Hollow's Cabela Madness JH

Long Hollow's Grad A Playboy JH

Long Hollow's Duck Smasher JH

Cimarron Coho Ghorbani JH

Red Mountain's Bella JH

Long Hollow's Kailua Black JH

Long Hollow's Magic Patton JH

Tiger Mountain III JH "Piper"

Max's Black Diamond Girl Scout JH

Long Hollow's Kona Gold JH

Long Hollow's Malta Delta JH

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